BALTIMORE, JUNE 28-29th, 2013


    What's it about? is a new mobile development conference primarily based around JavaScript and Appcelerator Titanium, based on the highly successful format that run in Valencia, Spain earlier in 2013. It's a 2-day, not-for-profit, community run event featuring some of the best JavaScript and Titanium Mobile developers from the US and abroad. The event is to take place between the 28th-29th of June 2013 - entry and tickets are open to all regardless of your skill level! We welcome beginners and experts alike.

    It will consist of a number of formal talks, workshops and some relaxed social events that everyone can enjoy

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    Downtown Baltimore

    The event is being held in the historic Tremont Hotel, in the heart of downtown Baltimore just blocks from the popular Inner Harbour tourist destination. Offering a distinct combination of comfort and convenience, with easy access to the city's best points of interest, the downtown Baltimore hotel is certain to make your Maryland visit a memorable one. Staying at the all-suite Tremont Suites Hotel you'll enjoy personalized service, thoughtful amenities and comfortably elegant guest rooms. The Tremont Hotel is our recommended place to stay while you're attending tiConf.

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tiConf US 2013
Baltimore, MD

tiConf US 2014 has been announced! This year it will be held in New York on May 10-11. Please visit for more information and tickets.


tiConfUS has ended for 2013, but you can still relive all the excitement online via our Vimeo Channel, Twitter, Facebook and more. Thank you to all the sponsors and speakers who gave up their time to attend and present, along with all of the attendees who made the event such a great success.

Don't forget that tiConf Australia will run in Melbourne on the 20th of August. This is a one day, single track event and one of your few chances to meet well known Titans, plus Appcelerator CEO, Jeff Haynie. For more details, visit



Speaking at tiConf are some of the finest Appcelerator Titanium and JavaScript developers from the USA and abroad.

Speaker list and agenda will be updated constantly over the next few weeks as we add more speakers and session details to the website.

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    Grant Shipley

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    Alexander Chatterjee

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Boydlee Pollentine
Titan, TCAD, Author of Appcelerator Titanium Smartphone Cookbook.

Boydlee has spent the last 10+ years working for large corporations and government departments in Australia, as well as successfully running a software development company for a number of years. He now owns and runs a small digital and mobile agency based in Norwich called Tipsy & Tumbler with his partner, Hannah.

An early adoptor of Titanium, he is also a Titan, TCAD and has spoken at numerous events including Mobile Monday and London Titanium.He's even written a book about Titanium development (available from Amazon, Packt Publishing and all good book stores and online retailers!).

Christian Floerkemeier
CTO and co‐founder, Scandit

Christian Floerkemeier is the CTO and co-founder of Scandit and is responsible for Scandit's image recognition technology and software development as well as technical sales.

Before founding Scandit, Christian was the Associate Director of the Auto-ID Lab at MIT and a member of the MIT research team that developed the RFID technology which is today in use in major supply chains. Christian also co-founded of Fosstrak, the leading open-source RFID software platform that implements the EPC Network specification and is used in RFID projects at Orange/FranceTelecom, SAP, TCS and many others. He was the technical program chair of the Internet of Things Conference in 2008 and IEEE RFID 2009 and general chair of IEEE RFID 2011.

Christian received a PhD in Computer Science from ETH Zurich and a Bachelor and MEng degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Cambridge.

Grant Davies
CEO & Founder, Bluetube

Grant Davies is the CEO and Solutions Architect for Bluetube, an award winning digital agency pioneering tablet, mobile and web experiences. Grant has over 20 years of experience in strategy, thought leadership and enterprise architecture. Grant focuses on providing strategic marketing, user experience and technical vision that engage our clients and build their brands.

Hans Scharler
Co-Founder, ioBridge

Hans Scharler is the co-founder of ioBridge, an Internet of Things application platform that makes it simple and cost-effective to Internet-enable devices and products.

He developed streaming technology for web and mobile applications so users can interact with monitoring and control systems in real-time.

Hans is also the creator of ThingSpeak, an open source Internet of Things platform that allows devices to interact with social media and share time-series data published by simple devices.

In his spare time, Hans plays board games and enjoys discovering new coffees and teas.

Carlos M. Icaza
CEO, Lanica, Inc

A successful serial entrepreneur, speaker and advisor, Carlos has successfully launched two startups since leaving Adobe, Lanica and Ansca. In 2012, Carlos co-founded Lanica, Inc., makers of the Platino game engine for Appcelerator’s Titanium.

In 2007 he founded and was the CEO of Ansca Inc, which created a cross platform mobile SDK, and successfully closed a $1.5 million series A round.

Prior to founding Ansca, Carlos managed various teams at Adobe including Flash Lite, Flash Mobile Authoring, Flash Cast and Adobe Illustrator. He was also responsible for creating and developing Adobe’s entire mobile authoring strategy, now deployed across the entire Adobe Creative Suite. He has successfully shipped industry standard software used by millions of people daily.

Tony Lukasavage
Lead Engineer on Alloy at Appcelerator

Tony is currently the project lead on Alloy, Appcelerator's MVC framework for Titanium. Prior to that he spent time as a platform evangelist for Titanium, supporting and engaging the community, which he continues to this day. In addition, he wrote the bulk of the "Forging Titanium" screencast series on advanced Titanium development. He's also a huge advocate of open source software and a frequent Github contributor. These days when he's not working on Alloy (which is rare) he is usually experimenting with new languages and code, blogging, conversing on Twitter, cooking a NY strip steak, or drinking whiskey, preferably bourbon. Not uncommonly, all are performed simultaneously.

Ed Schmit
Executive Director, AT&T Developer Program

Ed Schmit is an Executive Director with the AT&T Developer Program, where his mission is to provide support and guidance for the developer community focused on APIs. He has been with AT&T for nine years. During his career at AT&T, he has co-authored the Wireless Reference Architecture and several white papers while enlightening budding mobile application entrepreneurs through programs like AT&T's "Open Call". He also has a patent pending for an application delivery platform. Additionally, he serves on the Application Developers Alliance Board. Prior to joining AT&T, he worked for Intel in a variety of roles and while there participated and helped found the Khronos Group. Ed earned his B.S. degree from MIT, a MS in engineering from the University of Washington, and an MBA from the University of Michigan.

Stephen Feather
TCAD, Titan

Stephen Feather founded Feather Direct in 2009, recognizing a need for quality mobile app development, reputation management, and SEO services for smaller organizations. He worked directly with communications companies such as Netscape, Microsoft, and Oracle in the early days of the Internet. In 1996 he authored JavaScript by Example, one of the first publications on the then-new scripting language. He volunteers time to assist and train a new generation of app developers through online forums and local user groups.

Mobilizing Data Capture within the Enterprise with Appcelerator Titanium
Christian Floerkemeier

In this session, we will explain how Titanium-based apps and mobile data capture technology can be combined to revolutionize business processes across the entire enterprise. After a review of relevant auto-ID use cases and technologies, we will demonstrate how mobile data capture technologies (such as mobile barcode and credit card scanning or mobile OCR) can be incorporated in Titanium projects, deployed to employees' mobile devices and how this can mobilize, automate and optimize internal and consumer-focused business processes alike. We will bring real-world case studies and demonstrate examples of the latest innovations in mobile data capture.

Driving the Internet of Things with Mobile Apps
Hans Scharler

The "Internet of Things" is a pervasive concept and movement where devices are being connected to the Internet and interaction with devices, social networks, and people are being built. In general things are sensors and actuators which include things such as temperature sensors, energy monitors, radiation detectors, lights, thermostats, and sprinklers.

In the talk "Driving the Internet of Things with Mobile Apps" by Hans Scharler, you will discover that mobile apps are leading the development of the Internet of Things. A mobile device becomes the user interface for a device and all of the supporting features. An app is the center of the entire experience and in fact the mobile device is an Internet of Things device. In order to keep up, apps need to be nimble and must support iOS and Android out-of-the-box. Hans will discuss how Titanium is being used by ioBridge to solve the common issues and patterns for the Internet of Things.

Benjamin Bahrenburg
Author of Titanium Enterprise Application Cookbook.

Ben is a mobile developer, DBA, and Technology Director where he provides mobility solutions for numerous Fortune 100 organizations. Ben specializes in building enterprise solutions using Mobile Technologies, Geo Location Services, and Domain Specific Languages. As a strong support of the module ecosystem, he created over 40 native Titanium modules which are used in over 2,000 apps. In addition to his own modules he is an active contributor to several open source projects including the Titanium SDK. When not coding, Ben likes to write about code. You can read his tutorials at or in his upcoming book "Titanium Enterprise Application Cookbook" by PACKT.

Alexander Chatterjee
Double master degree in Engineering for Computer Science and Networking

Alex Started programming at the age of 15 years and has more than 10 years of experience as a web and C++ developer. Always interested with Mobile devices (he owns a series of Palm, an early Samsung Q1 UMPC), he really fell in the Mobile Application world in 2008 while having the chance to acquire an iPhone v1. Since then, he focused his expertise as a developer and architect for mobile devices, and currently holds the title of lead Mobile Architect at the European External Action Service, European Commission in Brussels. Other than that, he is always pationate to travel and know new people around himself : so don't be shy and come to say "hi" to him!

Jeff Haynie
Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Appcelerator

Jeff is Co-founder and CEO of Appcelerator. Jeff is a long-time serial entrepreneur, technologist and blogger. Previously, Jeff was Co-founder and CTO of Vocalocity, a software provider in the communications arena and before that, CTO of eHatchery, a digital incubator and off-shoot of Bill Gross’ idealab!. Jeff has worked on numerous standard committees such as IETF and W3C as well as core contributor to a number of important open source technologies such as JBoss and OpenVXI. Jeff served with distinction in the U.S. Navy.

Matt Schumulen
StrongLoop Platform Evangelist (Former Lead SE Appcelerator)

Mobile platform junkie who has never met a crowd he did not want to talk in front of or an API he didn't want to try. Matt's #1 goal in life is to rid the world of the slow and crufty mobile middle ware that makes developers wince, companies cry and their uses drop them. Because of this Node.js is the mobile developers new best friend, and he would like to show you why.

David Pratt
TideSDK Project Lead, Co-Founder & CEO CoastalForge Inc.

If you ever come to Nova Scotia, you’ll find the highest tides in the world. It’s really a great place to live. So it must have been fate that David became the Project Lead and primary code contributor to open source TideSDK. David is a seasoned entrepreneur and programmer who is skilled in a number of languages and platforms. In addition to TideSDK, he has contributed to a variety of open source projects in python, erlang, ObjC and JavaScript. Over time, David has developed a clear vision towards eliminating complexity for native app development on multiple platforms. As the CEO of CoastalForge, he and his talented partners create unique solutions for app development that focus on efficiency and enforce productivity.

Jason Kneen
TCAD Certified / Titan

Jason is a freelance web and mobile developer & consultant based in the UK where he works with companies all over the world including YouGov, ITV, Hotskoop, Karcher, Six Pack Productions and Appcelerator. He's an enthusiastic advocate and supporter of the Titanium Platform, a TCAD Certified Application Developer, and a community "Titan". He tweets as @jasonkneen and @bouncingfish.

Braden Powers
TCAD Certified / Titan

Braden Powers is the owner of Eccra Solutions, LLC. and is based out of Cincinnati. His company specializes in mobile applications that target iOS and Android devices for a variety of clients. Braden has 15 years of experience in the IT industry developing in a plethora of different languages and for a variety of clients from fortune 50 to startups. When not coding, he is either attending a meet up or attending to his 5 children.

Kevin Whinnery
Kevin wrote all the certifications initially and helped create the Titan program, and currently holds Titan status.

Kevin Whinnery is a developer evangelist for Twilio. Kevin is also a front end development chameleon, having built rich client applications in the browser with HTML and JavaScript, as well as a rogue’s gallery of frameworks including Windows Presentation Foundation, Apache Flex, and OpenLaszlo (yes, that’s a thing). As an engineer and developer evangelist for Appcelerator, Kevin built (or helped others to build) hundreds of native mobile apps, including number one App Store hits and apps topping millions of downloads.

Today, Kevin maintains the Twilio library for node.js and supports the web developers changing communications forever.

REST Easy with Deployd
Boydlee Pollentine

Deployd is an open source platform, built on Node.JS and MongoDB, that allows you to create custom JSON API's in minutes, not days. In this brief talk, Boydlee will explain what the Deployd platform is and show you how it really is the simplest way to design, build and a mobile API.

So You Think You Know JavaScript?
Matt Apperson

Matt from Apperson Labs will go over an intermediate to advanced discussion of JavaScript as a language, and the issues/work arounds/fixes in Titanium.

The Business of Mobile Development
Stephen Feather

In this session, Stephen Feather of Feather Direct will share from his 20+ years of consulting experience client acquisition, client management vs project management, the importance of proper legal and liability support, and what it takes to get paid.

Building a Virtual Receptionist with Titanium and Twilio
Kevin Whinnery

In this session, developers will learn how to integrate rich communications functionality (voice, SMS, and VoIP) into Titanium applications using the Twilio platform. We will build a Titanium application (backed by ACS) that will create a virtual iPad receptionist to run the front of your business. This application will:
- Route and connect phone calls using the visitor's own phone
- Send text messages while protecting employee mobile numbers
- Enable VoIP calling directly in the application with members of your staff

In an attempt to conserve a precious business resource, this presentation will be 100% slide free. A solid working knowledge of Titanium and JavaScript will help developers understand the code under discussion, but is not strictly required. Developers will leave with an understanding of how to get started using Twilio with Titanium, and how and when to deploy the API.

Building Native Modules: The Missing Handbook
Ben Bahrenburg

Ever need an API, 3rd party control, or platform feature that isn't in the Ti SDK? Why not add it ourself? Titanium makes it easy to write and share your own native modules. Whether you are a native developer or never opened xcode before this session has what you need to get started building your own modules.

Alloy + Backbone.js = AWESOME
Braden Powers

So you are using Alloy now and you are having some success witSo you are using Alloy now and you are having some success with it. Now comes the tricky part of using a sqlLite database. You know what you use? Backbone.js! Come to this session on how to use Backbone in your alloy app to make it more efficient and to save you time.

An Introduction to URL Schemes
Jason Kneen

In this session we'll be looking at URL Schemes on iOS and Android and how they can be used to detect and launch apps, share data between apps, intercept web links, provide cross-app authentication and cross-promote between your own apps.

Reinventing Native App Development for Multiple Platforms
David Pratt

Today, apps are expected to be ubiquitous.

Do you remember receiving a message from one of your want-to-be-consumers asking when you will ever be on this platform or that? – Being everywhere your consumers expect you to be is challenging. While existing tools offer some help, recent innovation is making this easier.

As expectations increase and app markets mature, pressure is mounting to increase quality, improve access to your consumers, monetize everywhere, decrease time to market and lower development cost. More than ever, it is important for app developers to capitalize on technology that can deliver on these goals.

David Pratt is the Project Lead for TideSDK as well as a Co-Founder and CEO of CoastalForge Inc. While open source TideSDK is for desktop, David will also introduce new technology that aims to eliminate the pain of developing for multiple platforms (that is relevant to all developers).

Alloy - The Hard Parts
Tony Lukasavage

In this session, Tony Lukasavage (Lead Engineer on Titanium Alloy) will go through some of the more advanced features and tips of building Alloy applications.

Mobile and Tablet Server Debugging Secrets
Grant Davies

Learn how to debug remote services and simulate your complex call sequences in Titanium.

Mobile Application for Enterprises: Another Cup of Tea
Alexander Chatterjee

In this session you'll learn:

  • Differences in licensing between enterprise and normal license,
  • Security in those application (UDID + software defense),
  • Network security + hanheld security (how to encrypt your data on device in order not to be extracted + how to transfer your data in order not to be compromised),
  • Once everything is set up, how to distribute in a closed environment (how to build your own app store via web and directly on devices),
  • the use of MDM to ease the process.
Data or Die! Using Node.js to Connect to Mobile Data, Wherever it is
Matt Schumulen

Matt's #1 goal in life is to rid the world of the slow and crufty mobile middle ware that makes developers wince, companies cry and their uses drop them. Because of this Node.js is the mobile developers new best friend, and he would like to show you why, including:

- Node is for mobile (yay!)
- Data is everywhere (In the cloud, behind the corporate firewall, etc)
- Getting your mobile app to connect/auth to the data isn't always easy
- Let's find some ways to do it

Matt Appserson

Matt is a Titanium mobile developer from Lancaster, PA, and is a former Appcelerator software engineer . He is also the owner of Apperson Labs.

Grant Shipley
Manager of Cloud Evangelists, Red Hat

Grant Shipley is an OpenShift PaaS Evangelist at Red Hat focused on cloud technologies. Prior to that, Grant was a Manager of Software Development with responsibilities over the website and supporting infrastructure. Grant has over 15 years of software development experience focusing on Java and PHP. In his free time, he contributes to several open source projects as well as developing iOS applications. Grant has been using Linux on a daily basis since 1994 and is active in the FOSS community.

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